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Willow Basket Weaving

Craft your own unique basket in a day—unleash your creativity with our Wacky Willow workshop!

One-Day Basket Weaving Experience

with Karla Powell

Embrace the enduring art of basket-making, a craft that has transcended time and technology for over 10,000 years. Feel the ancient satisfaction of transforming locally harvested willow into something functional and beautiful using only your hands and basic tools. Our guest artisan will guide you through intricate weaving techniques in our updated "Wacky Willow" workshop, allowing you to explore your creativity by adding unique handles or experimenting with different shapes.

Date: April 21, 2024

Time: 10 AM - 4 PM
Cost: $98 per person

Located at Early Dawn Farm

Registration: Spaces are limited, and it is first come first served.

Whether you're a seasoned basket-weaver or taking your first step into this fascinating world, this workshop offers the perfect blend of old and new knowledge. You'll walk away not just with new skills and a deeper appreciation for this timeless craft, but also with a one-of-a-kind basket to call your own.

Come join us for this enriching experience; no prior experience is needed, just your enthusiasm and creativity!

A note from your Instructor: Karla Powell


I have been working with willow for over 20 years and get such joy from crafting these useful and beautiful baskets from locally sourced willow along the Sheep River in Southern Alberta. I'm grateful to be able to share this passion with you."

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