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Food Fermentation

Learn to Ferment Your Food: For Greater Digestion and Immunity

Food Fermentation: The Art & Science of Crafting Probiotic-Rich Superfoods

with Malcolm Saunders

Enhance your understanding of food preservation and gut health in our 2-hour Food Fermentation Workshop, led by Malcolm Saunders of the Light Cellar. Aimed at demystifying the essential techniques and benefits of fermentation, this hands-on experience is both educational and practical.

Date: September 24, 2023

Time: 2 - 4:30 PM
Cost: $70 per person

Located at Early Dawn Farm

PAST EVENT - Click below to request a repeat of this workshop.

Registration: Spaces are limited, and it is first come first served. To secure your spot, complete your registration by sending the payment via e-transfer to


Workshop Features:
Hands-on Learning: Get directly involved in the fermentation process, from mixing ingredients to monitoring fermentation stages.
Q&A Session: Malcolm is here to answer any questions you have about fermentation, from safety guidelines to health benefits.
Tasting Samples: Experience the taste of various fermented foods, all rich in probiotics and enzymes beneficial for digestion and immunity.

Educational Takeaways:
Health Benefits: Understand the role fermented foods play in promoting better digestion and boosting the immune system.
Safe Practices: Learn the key conditions needed for safe and effective fermentation.
Skill Development: Acquire the skills to ferment a wide range of foods including sauerkraut, pickles, and hot sauces.

Covered Recipes:
- Sauerkraut & Kimchi
- Lacto-Fermented Vegetable Pickles
- Beet Kvass
- Fermented Hot Sauces and Mustards


Join us to deepen your practical knowledge of food fermentation and enjoy a meaningful day on the farm. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Early Dawn Farm.

Learn more about your Instructor: Malcolm Saunders


Malcolm Saunders has a long-standing passion for food and nutrition that aligns seamlessly with Early Dawn Farm's mission to deeply connect people to their food. Specializing in the art of food alchemy, particularly fermenting foods, Malcolm brings a wealth of expertise to his role as a Fermentation Workshop instructor.

With close to two decades in the field, Malcolm graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2005 and gained experience as a Raw Food Head Chef & Instructor at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre.

As the owner and creative visionary behind The Light Cellar in Calgary, AB, Malcolm has honed his skills not only in fermentation but also in educating others. Through his workshops and seminars, he has empowered thousands to reevaluate and improve their relationship with food.

Malcolm is an accomplished author, penning 'Elixir Life: Where Modern Nutrition Meets Ancient Herbal Wisdom,' and has been a regularly requested instructor at Wild Rose College.

His workshops are designed to provide hands-on experience and deep understanding, aiming to equip attendees with the skills to ferment foods that are both delicious and beneficial for health.

By sharing his expertise at Early Dawn Farm, Malcolm continues his mission to inspire thoughtful food choices that benefit individuals, communities, and the planet.

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