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Join us as we host leading industry professionals sharing expertise and knowledge, connecting you with the land, your food, and your community.

Current Events

Forage & Feast:Wild Food & Plant Friendships

July 28th, 2024 

9 AM - 3 PM

$195.00 per participant

**Ask us about accommodations**


with Julie Walker
of Full Circle Adventures

Rainwater Harvesting

August 17, 2024

$85 per participant

10 to 4 PM

Image by frame harirak

with Bruce Kay and Colin McCarthy Butt

of OnGrowing Works

Management Alternatives for Soil Health (MASH) Workshop

Date TBD


with Dr. Yamily Zavala

of CARA Soil Health Lab

Backyard Composting Workshop

2024 (Date TBD)

$TBD per participant


with Mike Dorion

Bee Basics Series - 
Harvesting Liquid Gold

August 10th, 2024 

10 AM - 4 PM

$195.00 per participant

**Ask us about accommodations**

Honey bees flying into beehive macro sho

with Eliese Watson

of ABC Bees

Growing Green: Essentials of Small-Scale Organic Agriculture

Date, time, and Price: TBD

Untitled design (37)_edited_edited.jpg

with Rick Kohut

Medicinal Plants of The Blackfoot

2024 (Date TBD)

$TBD per participant


with Ken Wright

Improve Soil Health with Soil Amendments

2024 (Date TBD)

$TBD per participant


with Lee Martineau

Past & Recurring Events

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