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Food, Farms & Friends

A Hands-on Farm Experience with A Family Goat Dairy

This half-day session is led by Mike Dorion and Eve Izewski of Soil 2 Soul.

Join us at Early Dawn Farm to deepen your connection to food and the natural world with our workshop, "Food, Farms & Friends." This hands-on experience is your ticket to understanding the traditional skills of goat milking and the broader implications of responsible farming practices. An immersive experience deepening the connection between you and the source of your food.

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You'll have the unique opportunity to connect with the land, the animals, and gain a little more insight into the practices of regenerative farming. Dig in and experience firsthand some of the care and nurturing required in goat dairy production, gaining a newfound appreciation for this timeless practice.

Throughout the workshop, you'll witness the symbiosis between humans and animals, understanding how responsible farming practices contribute to the health of both. Prepare to be inspired as you engage in the physicality and mindfulness of milking goats, forging a deeper connection to the food you consume. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or a curious novice, "Food, Farms & Friends" promises to leave you with a better understanding of the significance of ethical and regenerative agriculture.


What To Expect From Your Workshop:

  • What food really is and where it comes from

  • Explore the processes of goat dairy production

  • Personal interactions with the goats

  • A hands-on milking experience

  • Enjoying some farm-fresh products!

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