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Keyline Plow Design|Hands-On Workshop

Learn how this agricultural system can help regenerate and heal our topsoils and pastures.

with Josh Baker and Mike Dorion

Early Dawn Farm is pleased to host an interactive workshop using keyline design principles to improve a degraded pasture! During this 1-day workshop, Josh Baker will demonstrate how to mark out keylines and how to operate a keyline plow.

In addition, we will prepare a pasture for an annual and native perennial seed mix intended to increase biodiversity above and below ground. Finally, Josh will demonstrate how to measure soil health and how to establish a monitoring protocol to understand changes in soil, microbiology, and plant biodiversity.

Location: Early Dawn Farm

Date: May 27th, 2023,  from 10 AM - 4 PM

Price: $145 per participant.

Spaces are limited and will be accommodated on a first-come-first-served basis.
Tools and handouts will be provided during the workshop. Lunch will be provided, and coffee/tea with snacks throughout the day.


TOPICS to be covered:

  • Keyline design principles

  • Measuring your soil health

  • Keyline implementation

    • Pre-winter prep - design/layout and establish the purpose for the keyline treatment. 

      • Are we controlling water? 

      • Are we changing the soil type? (grass to forest or vice versa) 

      • Are we building a shelter belt? Etc

    • Staged plan development - deciding the timing of treatments and what those treatments will be

      • Spring treatment - this is when we add our amendments and cover crop

      • Summer treatment

      • Fall treatment

  • Considerations for monitoring pasture restoration

  • Choosing seed mixes for increased biodiversity above and below ground

  • How soil health improves your watershed

  • Other

Learn about your instructor; Josh Baker


Joshua Baker draws on over 25yrs of earthworks and utility experience to create resilient beneficial landscapes. Applying the techniques of overland water management, keylining and soil building, Joshua has been able to turn a skill into a passion over the years, and a strong desire to share his experience with others. "Through collaboration, no project is impossible" is a strong tone in his ethic as his time as a project manager has shown him that no one knows everything, everyone knows something and has a valuable role to play in working with nature.

Learn about your instructor; Mike Dorion


Mike Dorion is the Founder and President of Living Soils Solutions and a driving force behind Highfield Regenerative Farm in Calgary. 

Outside of work, Mike spends time with his Daughter Sunny, enjoying nature. 

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