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Wildlife Awareness & Mitigation

Understanding and mitigating wildlife conflict around your farm and acreage.

Wildlife Awareness & Mitigation

with Emily Lamb

Mitigating Wildlife Conflict around your Farm and Acreage.

This half-day workshop will share Emily Lamb’s experience dealing with animal conflict. Emily will share her practical and extensive control knowledge with deep consideration of biological and ecological environmental impacts. The workshop aims to provide assessment tools for your specific areas of concern. The workshop will assist acreage and farmers in developing animal control solutions for the benefit of all, property, farm animals, wildlife and the environment.

Location: Early Dawn Farm

Date: April 1st, 2023,  from 1 - 4 pm

Price: $65 per participant.

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We will be covering the process of conflict reduction and prevention, as well as tactics for managing wildlife altercations and conflicts that do arise. Common types of local wildlife that will be included in the teachings are; common vermin (mice, voles, gophers, etc.), small predators (skunks, weasels, mink), birds of prey (owls, hawks, eagles), common K-9 (wolves, coyotes, foxes, stray/neighbour dogs), common cats (domestic, bobcat, lynx, cougar), bears (black, grizzly), beavers, and muskrats.


Learn about your instructor; Emily Lamb


Growing up on a farm, Emily Lamb had a contagious passion for wildlife, livestock, and the outdoors from an early age. As time progressed, this passion bloomed into a wealth of experience in farming and ranching, hunting, trapping, fishing and foraging, as well as wildlife management and environmental work. She’s worked professionally on conflict wildlife mitigation for 15 years all over the country, with many different organizations. As Emily progressed within the industry, she became enthusiastic about teaching basic, obtainable skills to anyone with interest. Today, Emily teaches outdoor and wildlife skills with her outdoor education company Canis Outdoors, as well as provides professional wildlife management all over Western Canada as the owner of Canis Environmental Solutions. In her free time, she travels to hunt and fish or cooks delicious ethically obtained food for as many friends as possible on her hobby farm in Western AB.

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