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Dairy Kefir:A Powerful Probiotic

THE Most Powerful of Them All!

with Derek Fleming

Join Master Herbalist Derek Fleming for an enlightening workshop on Dairy Kefir, often celebrated as the most powerful probiotic. With over 17 years of experience in culturing Kefir, Derek brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to this topic. This workshop is more than just an introduction to Dairy Kefir; it's a deep dive into its history, benefits, and why it is known as the BEST, above all other probiotics—even for those who are dairy intolerant! 

Discover how Dairy Kefir can profoundly impact your health at fundamental levels.

Date: May 4th, 2024

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Cost: $40 per person

Located at Early Dawn Farm

Registration: Spaces are limited, and it is first come first served.

Throughout the session, Derek will blend theory with practical demonstrations, equipping you with the confidence and skills to start making your own Kefir at home. Whether you're new to fermentation or looking to expand your knowledge, this class offers something for everyone. You'll learn how to create a fermented 'Arishta', (fermented herbal combinations) at home, some of which Derek has been using with his family for nearly two decades!
By the end of the workshop, you'll have a deeper understanding of the unparalleled health benefits of Dairy Kefir, and how to make it for yourself and your loved ones.

What To Expect From Your Workshop:

  • A comprehensive overview of Dairy Kefir: its origins, benefits, and brewing techniques.

  • Skills to progress from beginner to pro in Kefir making.

  • Practical ways to incorporate this nutritious fermented food into your daily life.

  • The science and art behind brewing Kefir.

  • Why Dairy Kefir is the best choice, even for those who typically avoid dairy.

  • Easy, delicious recipes to boost your immune system, enhance your health, and enrich your lifestyle.

Learn more about your Instructor: Derek D. Fleming M.H., B.Comm

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For over 20 years Master Herbalist Derek Fleming has been studying Plants as medicine and exploring the deep relationship between people, our Earth, and the gifts that she provides. After graduating from university in 2005, Derek took on a more serious approach to the study of Botanical Medicine, and several years later earned designation as a Master Herbalist. Since then, Derek’s specialty has been in the areas of Medicinal Mushrooms, Chinese Medicine, Seasonal Attunement and Taoist Tonic Herbalism.


In 2012 Derek furthered his passion for all things herbal by establishing a high-quality niche herb company called ‘New Earth Organics.’ New Earth Organics focuses on delivering unique ‘whole’ offerings from each of the Kingdoms of Nature - Plant, Fungi, and Animal.

The mission of New Earth Organics is to ‘Honour the Intelligence of Nature’ while specializing in Medicinal Mushrooms, 'Three Treasure’ Tonic herbs, and facilitating the practice of Seasonal Attunement – (the application of Herbs, Diet and Lifestyle through Circadian biology). Through Derek’s journey, he continues to share and spread his passion for the amazing benefits of daily Tonic Herbalism and living in Harmony with the cycles of Nature.

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