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Are you curious about interning with Early Dawn Farm?

We have a lot of experience, a lot to teach, and....a lot to do! Welcoming a special candidate or two onto our farm and into our home has been a hugely enlightening and fulfilling experience in the past, and something we hope to continue doing for many years.

 The right candidate(s) will have an interest in an eco-friendly small farming lifestyle, specifically connected to vegetable gardening and animal care. The candidate will help with daily chores associated with maintaining our vegetable garden, small-scale goat dairy herd, sheep, and chickens. We are looking for a person, who is self-directed, physically fit, and with a willingness to learn.

Our small farm is located just South of Water Valley, Alberta.

So, here are the nitty, gritty details! The tough stuff!
Chores and time commitment: (Sunday and Monday off can be flexible)
Animal Care
● General dairy goat care and assist with milking (roughly 4x four-hour shifts/week)
● Small-scale sheep care/move sheep in rotational graze (roughly 1 hour /day) 
● Small-scale meat chicken and duck care (roughly 1 hour /day) 
● Livestock Guardian Dog care (feeding mostly) 
● Beekeeping; just a couple of hives (optional as this isn't for everyone).

Vegetable Garden care as required:
● Garden care including planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, and processing.
● Some meal prep will be encouraged

Yard care:
● Mowing and trimming (as required/if required)
● Firewood and bough work to goats (ongoing)
Farm Maintenance and Repairs:
● Assist with fencing, repairs and other carpentry-related jobs
● Possibility to learn how to operate small farm machinery eg. skid steer, tractor, and other small tools. 

Workshop support:
● Provide support to educational workshop speakers and participants
● Candidates get the added bonus of learning from the workshop and making connections with other participants and speakers

Learning opportunities include;
● Learn how a small goat dairy/cheese production facility operates,
● Learn about animal husbandry involving goats, sheep, chickens, livestock guardian dogs, and more...
● Learn about vegetable gardening and processing(canning/freezing) mostly for our food source and some farm gate sales
● Learn how to maintain and repair farm buildings, fences, and equipment
● Learn how to operate small equipment and tools,
● Learn about rainwater harvesting systems and our alternative energy systems

● May 1st to October 1st
      ○ shorter stays negotiable for the right candidate(s)

Compensation to intern:
● Room (details)
     ○ 80 sq m walkout basement (east-facing morning sun)
     ○ Private entrance
     ○ Private bedroom
     ○ Private bathroom
     ○ Living area with TV and high-speed internet
● Healthy Food Supplied
     ○ You will eat food produced from our farm and additional off-farm groceries from neighbouring farms and organic grocery stores. You will need to buy your own treats :)
     ○ Learning from Dawn and Bruce’s 40 years of animal care, gardening and small farm experiences is a form of compensation.

Hear from our past Interns

Allison - My time at Early Dawn Farm


"Being on Early Dawn Farm has been an incredibly valuable experience for learning, hard work, and growth. Performing tasks related to goat husbandry, vegetable gardening, farm maintenance, sustainable living and so much more, has provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills. This opportunity for growth has only been possible due to Dawn and Bruce! Their passion, respect, and dedication for their animals, land, and lifestyle are infectious and invigorating! It is obvious how much they care for their home, and working with them has provided me with the ability to share in that experience. Both Dawn and Bruce have incredibly supportive, optimistic, and welcoming natures. They are always willing to share in their wealth of skills and knowledge – since there is always something new to assist with on the farm! Not only is the work itself rewarding, but the beautiful Alberta land on which they have nurtured their farm is equally as gratifying. Working on the farm has provided the priceless opportunity to learn more about the reciprocal relationship between caretaking for the land, animals, and ourselves, while also allowing the chance to develop a valued friendship with both Dawn and Bruce. I would highly recommend working on Early Dawn Farm for those who are open to continual learning, are passionate about animals, nature, and people, and love good living."

If you're interested in the opportunity or have any questions, please email us here.

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