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Mike's Got Worms! Vermicomposting Workshop

Learn how to convert food waste into soil

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Introduction to Vermicomposting

with "The Compost Kid" Mike Dorion

Spend a wonderful afternoon at Early Dawn Farm with Mike Dorion of Living Soils Solutions, where you will discover more about composting and the wonderful world of worms!  Take home your own worm community to start your journey

Location: Early Dawn Farm

Date: March 9th, 1 - 3 PM

$75 per student


Take a look at this brief overview of what you are set to learn in this fun and unique workshop!

Common worm species

  • Learn about the worm species that excel at processing large amounts of organic matter in their natural environment so that we can benefit from their skills and work ethic!

Bedding Materials

  • Learn why bedding materials are vital to the vermicomposting worm's environment and diet. 

Environmental Conditions

  • Although they are very durable, we still need to understand why creating beneficial environmental conditions is so crucial to composting production.

How much do they eat?

  • Learn about what they eat (and subsequently produce) for our benefit year-round!

How to use what the worms produce.

Sex Life of the Compost Worms (Yes, this is a suitable chat for Kids )

  • Since worms reproduce based on the presence of the right conditions, We will spend time exploring and setting the mood! 


SIZING your worm Bed and Buying the Right amount of worms

How to feed and care for them.
If you feed them, they will stay where the food is; if you don't...

Due to the upfront costs, please note that this is a NON-REFUNDABLE COURSE.

Learn about your Instructor, Mike Dorion

Mike Dorion is the Founder and President of Living Soils Solutions and a driving force behind Highfield Regenerative Farm in Calgary. 

Outside of work, Mike spends time with his Daughter Sunny, enjoying nature. 

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