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Go Green: Essentials of Small-Scale Organic Agriculture 


Get your hands a little dirty as we dig into the heart of regenerative agriculture and how you can cultivate your own little patch of sustainability. Discover the power of your hands and the soil to create a thriving, healthy ecosystem right in your backyard. This is your chance to step into a movement that not only feeds the body but nurtures the soul and the planet.

Date: TBD 2024

Time: TBD
Cost: TBD per person

Located at Early Dawn Farm

Registration: Spaces are limited, and it is first come first served. To secure your spot, complete your registration by sending the payment via e-transfer to

Small-scale farming is at the forefront of building a sustainable future, blending the health of our environment with community well-being. It's a celebration of biodiversity, fresh food, and strong community ties, connecting people to their food and each other. In a world searching for solutions to feed a growing population, small-scale farming shines as a beacon of hope. If you're drawn to the idea of living closer to the land and making a positive impact, this workshop offers the knowledge and tools to start your journey.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Understanding Organic Principles: Start with a solid foundation in organic farming's core values, focusing on sustainability and soil health.

  • Soil and Seed Synergy: Learn the intricacies of preparing your soil and selecting the right seeds to thrive in your unique environment, considering factors like climate and soil type.

  • From Groundwork to Growth: Dive into hands-on demonstrations of soil preparation techniques, using both traditional tools and small-scale mechanized equipment, and practical seeding methods for a variety of crops.

Why This Matters:

  • Tangible Techniques, Real Results: Gain practical skills that go beyond theory, ready to be implemented in your own garden or farm for immediate impact.

  • Cultivate Connections: Discover the role small-scale farming plays in linking communities, supporting local ecosystems, and fostering relationships between consumers and their food sources.

  • Sustain and Thrive: Learn how adopting regenerative practices can contribute to the health of our planet, ensuring a legacy of rich biodiversity and resilient food systems for future generations

Join us for an honest look into small-scale organic agriculture, where you'll gain the how-tos and understand the profound whys behind regenerative practices.

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