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Hands-On Butchering

The Art of Ethical Butchering: From Field to Freezer, Your Comprehensive Guide to Self-Sufficient Meat Processing

Hands-On Butchering Workshop: A Masterclass with Paul Kelly

Elevate Your Skills From Field to Freezer with Early Dawn Farm

Location: Early Dawn Farm  
Date: November 18th, 2023  
Time: 10 am - 4 pm  
$375 per student (Includes a half lamb for your freezer)

PAST EVENT - Click below to request a repeat of this workshop.

 The Workshop Experience

Unlock the artisanal art of butchering in this comprehensive, hands-on workshop designed to instill confidence and practical skills. Learn from Paul Kelly, a master butcher with global experience, as you journey through the ethical and efficient processes of transforming a whole lamb into delicious meal-sized cuts.

Part I: Ethical Practices and Field Care

Start your day understanding the cornerstone of responsible butchering—humane slaughter and field care techniques. We lay the groundwork for ethical practices that honour the animal and the land.

Part II: Partner Up and Break It Down

Join forces with a "cutting table partner" and get to know your half-lamb. Under Paul's guidance, you'll dissect your lamb into manageable sections, setting the stage for further refinement.


Part III: The Art of Precision Cuts

Turn those large sections into mouthwatering chops, succulent roasts, hearty stew meat, and versatile ground meat. Learn the ins and outs of meat storage, as we show you how to package your cuts for the freezer.

Why This Workshop?

- Skillful Guidance: Learn directly from a formally trained and internationally experienced butcher.
- Hands-On: This isn't a demonstration. You'll be doing the butchering with support from the instructor.
- Diverse Techniques: From tools to cuts, learn a broad spectrum of butchering techniques.
- Take-home Bounty: Each student leaves with their half lamb for their freezer, a true farm-to-table experience.

Age Requirements

Teenagers are welcome, provided they can confidently handle a knife and are accompanied by an adult for supervision.


**Note**: This course is non-refundable.


What You Need to Bring

- Breakdown knife
- Boning knife
- Hand meat saw
- Tabletop cutting board
- Cut-resistant gloves

Additional Essentials: Indoor shoes, packed lunch, and bags for your take-home lamb.  
We Provide: Complimentary coffee and tea throughout the day.

Embrace the craft of butchering and empower yourself to bring the farm-to-table movement into your very own kitchen. Seats are limited. Book now to secure your spot!


Learn About Your Instructor: Paul Kelly

Hailing from Loughrea, Ireland, Paul has sharpened his skills in butcher shops from Australia to Canada. After mastering the plumbing and gasfitting trades, he turned his acreage into a sanctuary for sustainable livestock farming. Now, he's bringing his wealth of experience to you.

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