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Soil Health with Soil Amendments

with Lee Martineau, Co-Founder & COO of Terra Preta Pellets

Join us for an enlightening workshop led by Lee Martineau, Co-Founder & COO of Terra Preta Pellets, a trailblazer in sustainable agriculture and ecological reclamation. Lee leverages his operational proficiency and passion for soil health to lead transformational initiatives, fostering collaboration and driving impactful change through proven soil regeneration techniques.

Date: TBD 2024

Time: TBD
Cost: $TBD

Located at Early Dawn Farm

Registration: Spaces are limited, and it is first come first served.

Discover innovative solutions to transform poor soils into thriving, nutrient-rich ecosystems with Terra Preta's Regenerative Reclamation™ approach. Lee Martineau's vision is to redefine reclamation through tailored bio-complete interventions, addressing common challenges faced on farms, acreages, and oil well lease sites.

For Who: Acreage Owners, Large Scale Farmers and Ranchers, Horticulturists, Athletic Turf Managers (Golf Courses and Sports) Tree Nurseries, Home Gardeners

Key Workshop Highlights:

  • Insightful Vision: Explore Lee's vision of redefining reclamation with regeneration through tailored bio-complete interventions, paving the way for sustainable agriculture.

  • Mindful Circular Solutions: Understand Terra Preta's mission of promoting Regenerative Reclamation™ through mindful, circular solutions. Learn how organic waste can be transformed into regenerative commodities to revitalize degraded ecosystems and soil systems.

  • Tailored Solutions: Uncover Terra Preta's solutions to common reclamation problems, including compaction, low soil biology, poor soil chemistry, weed control, salinity contamination, and improperly admixed soil.

  • The Terra Preta Process: Dive into the Regenerative Reclamation System, a concise five-step approach to revitalizing degraded land. From assessment to rejuvenation, this process efficiently addresses soil health and biodiversity.

    • Step 1: Asses and Address - Learn the importance of thorough assessment and targeted problem-solving.

    • Step 2: Rip & Drip - Understand the significance of soil aeration and tailored irrigation methods.

    • Step 3: Purge & Prep - Explore techniques to purge contaminants and prepare the soil for regeneration.

    • Step 4: Sow & Grow - Delve into the art of sowing and growing, optimizing the potential for healthy and thriving ecosystems.


This workshop is a unique opportunity to gain insights from a leading figure in sustainable agriculture and learn practical steps to promote regenerative reclamation. Whether you're a farmer, landowner, or environmentally conscious individual, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge to make a positive impact on your soil health and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Learn more about your Instructor: Lee Martineau


Lee Martineau is a visionary in sustainable agriculture, serving as CEO of The Terra Preta Group, pioneering circular solutions for ecosystem and soil revitalization. His journey began at Doug Gardens, where challenges from conventional suppliers sparked a quest for regenerative solutions. Under Lee's leadership, Terra Preta's exploration into Regenerative Reclamation led to the discovery of innovative ways to enrich soil and revitalize ecosystems. Today, the group leads the Regenerative Reclamation market, distributing specialized pellets and liquid biological products to various industries, driven by Lee's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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